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You know those amazing pics of perfect teens that you are lucky enough to grab from your favorite TGP from time to time? And how about those videos that you drool over? Well, 18 Eighteen is the big enchilada from which those tasty morsels fall. On 18Eighteen, you will find photos and videos (more photos though) of outrageously gorgeous gals clad in nothing but white socks and cotton panties - or less! This site is your one-stop shop for heaps of high-quality content of the worlds most breathtakingly perfect nubile babes in promiscuous poses. The photos can be found in - big surprise - the "photo" section, which you can browse by page or filter in a number of ways. If you prefer to search by babe, the model directory lists them by the hundreds! In all there are 2,360 photo sets. Each set can be downloaded as a Zip file and every gallery comes with high-res pics. The 456 videos can be streamed in Flash in HD, which is great. I was able to fast-forward pretty easily and you can go full screen as well. Plus, you also have the choice of going with clips or full-length files. The oldest ones offer mediocre-quality playback, but the newer ones are much more impressive. The vids being added these days give you HD footage. You can save the videos you like best in your favorites folder so that you can easily go back to them later. There is a lot of content here and with the sites design being as good as it is, there were no problems with navigation. The color scheme is nice and all the crisp, large thumbnails are great. The menu right below the banner makes every section obvious and easily accessible. 18 Eighteen is a hot site with a great collection of movies and loads of picture sets. They are posting 2-3 new teen porn videos and photo sets a week these days, with 15 updates in the last month. They already have a huge collection for you to get off to and your membership comes with access to two bonus sites: TNA Tryouts and Picking Up Pussy. So what are you waiting for?

Last chance!

The Sex Tutor

If this set looks familiar.. Thats because its the intro for Jennifers scene in The Sex Tutor. Before engaging in a hot three-way with Ms. Sasha and JMac, Jennifer has to pee. Sasha catches her tinkling on her lawn and gives her a spanking! How did you feel peeing for the camera? Did you feel shy? "No, not at all. Im pretty comfortable peeing in front of other people. I just made sure to drink a lot of water so I had a nice flowing stream. Once I felt that I had to go I had no problems peeing. When Im at home or at a friends house I always pee with the bathroom door open. I guess its because Im kind of an exhibitionist. I mean, I dont necessarily have a thing for peeing

private school uniform

When I first started private school I hated having to wear a uniform. They were ugly and boring, but since I went to an all-girls school I figured it didnt matter that much anyway. Its not like there were any guys I could show off for. Eventually I started to like my uniform because I realized the guys were into it. They knew we were all cock-deprived private school girls who were dying to go wild. There was an all-boys private school really close to ours, and they were just as horny as we were. We would meet up after school and hook up under the bleachers or sneak into empty classrooms. Now whenever I see a private school uniform I cant help but smile

Giving head

One of my special talents is deep-throating cock. Im really good at controlling my gag reflex so I can swallow a dick whole. The longest one I ever took down to the balls was like, eight inches. I felt proud of myself when I did that. Giving head is one of my favorite things, and I practiced it until I got good at it. Now all my girlfriends come to me for advice. Sometimes we have blow job sleepovers where we all practice on dildos.

They love my glasses

Aeris, whats up with the arcade? "I work here! I stayed after closing, and my coworker just so happens to be into photography. So it was my idea to get naked and pose by the pinball machines." What made you decide to get a job at the arcade? "Im trying to save up for braces. I asked my dad for them, but he said, Aeris, do you know how much braces cost? Apparently, theyre like, super expensive. So Im trying to help out as much as I can. The reason I chose an arcade is because Im kind of a video game geek. I could play video and arcade games all day! And since Im the only girl who works here the guys all flirt with me. They love my glasses. Im pretty petite so I guess they think of me as a little pixie gamer dream girl theyd love to fuck." Have you ever had sex in the arcade? "No, but Ive definitely fingered myself in the bathroom after hardcore flirting with a cute guy! My coworkers kept teasing me about why I was in there so long

an awesome natural rack

Cece, we have to be honest. We cant stop staring at your tits! Are they real? "Its okay. Im used to having them stared at. And yes, they are real. I was blessed with an awesome natural rack. I think just about every guy whos seen them has told me theyre the nicest tits theyve ever seen." Do you like to show lots of skin? "Now I like to show some skin. I try to keep it tasteful but still a little sexy and slutty. I used to be really shy and prudish though. I was embarrassed by my chest because I would get so much attention from dumb, horny boys. The first time I had sex, I was riding the guy in cowgirl and I kept my bra on the whole time

orgasms from sex

Welcome back! What have you been up to since we last saw you in Feb. 14? "Well, Ive finally been having orgasms from sex! The first time it happened I didnt know what was going on. The guy was fucking me slow and I felt this pressure building up inside me. Then I felt my pussy convulse and this overwhelming feeling took over. I was making noises that I never had before. I was cumming, and I finally realized what Id been missing!" Is it easy for you to cum from sex now? "I wouldnt say its easy. It takes some work. But at least now I know how to get it done. My favorite way to cum is from being on top. I can grind my hips just the right way so the guys cock is hitting my g-spot and my clit is rubbing on his pelvis.

love to suck cock

I love to suck cock almost as much as I love to fuck. Almost. Theres just something about feeling a hard dick in my mouth that sends tingles down to my pussy. As I run my hand up and down the shaft and feel it go down my throat I think about how good it would feel in my pussy. Seeing the guys reaction to what I do is also a turn on. But at the end of the day, nothing tops feeling that cock slide into my pussy

in the girls bathroom

I think theres something really hot about letting a guy watch you pee. Theres a lot of mystery about what goes on in the girls bathroom, and its kind of like letting them in on your little secret. Its kind of personal, you know? I also like the voyeuristic aspect of it, the idea of a horny perv getting off on just watching me do something completely normal and natural

Im super horny

What kind of sex does a nice girl like you enjoy? "Despite my sweet demeanor, rough sex is what pleases me the most. I can have five orgasms in a row, but the guy really has to be drilling me and be aggressive. Most people are surprised to find out that I like it that way because Im so shy and quiet usually. But the shy, quiet ones are usually the biggest freaks. Im also into some light bondage. I like to be tied up and spanked. Im game to try anything kinky." Do you masturbate? Share details with us. "Its not really my cup of tea so I dont do it often. Sex just feels so much better that masturbation pales in comparison to it. But if Im super horny with no one around then Ill take care of business. I just use a regular little vibrator

on-camera fucking

Im just a small-town girl from Georgia. A year ago I would have never guessed that Id be on-camera fucking huge cocks. I always wanted to be an actress, but this is even better. I dont have to act! I can just be myself, have fun and cum. Definitely beats being an extra. No one would even notice me if I were an extra, but tons of guys are watching me and jacking off to me now. Thats just as satisfying as getting fucked by a huge cock

juicy load of cum

I fawn over cock. I love to worship it by stroking it, sucking it and taking it deep in my throat. Then when its in my pussy Im totally in the zone, feeling every inch slide in and out. I get so into it and so wet that guys always want to cum right away. It doesnt even disappoint me because that means they were really enjoying my pussy, and then I get sprayed with a juicy load of cum!

I like fancy underwear

Alex, whats up with the sexy lingerie? "I like fancy underwear like Victorias Secret. Its pretty, and it makes me feel sexy. I wish I could just walk around in my lingerie, but I dont think that would go over too well. My mom and I are about the same size so I used to steal her lingerie, but now Ive got my own. My only complaint is that thongs dont always contain my big pussy lips." Yours are pretty big, and thats hot. Do you ever spread them for guys? "I spread them for guys and girls! Im bisexual. I love it when a person is eating me out and my big pussy lips are all over their cheeks, soaking their whole face with my juice. Then when they come up to kiss me I can smell and taste myself on them, and its almost like Im going down on myself. Having big lips has its benefits. Ive been told by other girls that when they scissor with me my lips rubbing on their clit feels really good.

he popped my cherry

Lily has our favorite combo of traits. Shes a cute blonde girl from Colorado who is half wholesome and half naughty sex kitten. She likes hiking, going to hockey games and playing video games. One day she even wants to own a bakery. But Lily also likes to be sexually dominated and fucked every day. "I like to be completely controlled by someone, almost used," she said. How did you lose your virginity? "It was really sweet because it was with this guy I had a crush on for a long time. We spent a whole Saturday going at it and taking breaks to eat and play video games. He was really gentle and nice, and it was the ideal way to lose your virginity. He made sure to finger me--which I love--and eat me out for a long time before putting it in, so I didnt have too much pain when he popped my cherry. That was fun, but the more I started to have sex, the more I developed a taste for kinky things.

fingers in my ass

Rachel likes to sit with her legs open. She knows the guys in class cant resist a blonde in a tartan skirt, so she parts her knees to tempt whoever is bold enough to look. By the end of class, her sensible cotton panties are soaked and clinging to her cleft. So it turns you on to let guys get a peek at your panties? "It turns me on so much that I can feel the juice oozing out of my pussy. After class I have to run to the bathroom and shove my fingers in my cunny because Im so worked up. When that happens I usually cum right away, and more juice oozes out into my palm. I like to lick it off. So yeah, you could say flashing guys turns me on." Do you ever stick your fingers in your butt? "Yes. When Im really wet Ill just use the juice from my pussy as lube to stick my fingers in my ass. I havent done anal yet but I can definitely see myself trying it one day. The butthole is an orifice of pleasure, after all

My pussy is so tight

The first thing guys tend to notice about me are my boobs. I like to wear tight, low-cut tops and push-up bras to show them off. Cause yeah, they are pretty nice. But then when we fuck they see that my pussy is just as nice and tight as my boobs are big and perky. My pussys so tight that sometimes I can even feel it tugging on the dick as the guy is pulling out of me

tiny-lipped pussy

alvina looks like something out of a Tolkien novel. Precious, indeed! Malvinas unusal elvish beauty is the first thing that caught our eye. Her delicate features set her apart from the crowd, and that figure could cast a spell on anyone. And once her clothes come off you see that her bald, tiny-lipped pussy is just as enchanting. "People always tell me that I have a unique look. Im flattered they think that but I am just a regular girl who likes normal things." Malvina presents us with some delicious positions to fuck her in. On this page Malvina shows us just how tight both of her holes are. Even spread wide open, it would still take effort to ease your cock into either of them..and thats a good thing! "Theres nothing like the first thrust into your pussy when its at its tightest," Malvina said. "I havent done it in the butt yet, but I can imagine how tight it is. Especially mine that has never had anything in it." To the right, we see her slit in all its glory. With her knees closed and up by her face her tunnel is a snug cock-sleeve. She spreads the curtains. Malvina doesnt have much in the way of labia

just skip the panties

Laylas dark lotus flower is lovely. Layla is a prime example of a girl with big pussy lips and a little hole. Even when she spreads her dark flaps, we can barely see whats inside. We also love the gradient effect that starts with the dark purple of her outer lips and fades to a light pink in her juicy center. "I have a confession to make," Layla told us. "I dont like to wear thongs. Its not because they ride up my butt. Its because they cant contain my massive lips! Theyll end up slipping out the sides. So I just wear basic full-back cotton panties. I wish I could be sexy and wear thongs, but oh well! If Im wearing something tight, Ill just skip the panties altogether and let my lips hang free." Are your lips sensitive? "A little bit. It feels good to have them played with and sucked on

on top is my favorite

Being on top is my favorite. I like being able to control the speed and my position. I always cum when I bring my pussy all the way to the top of the guys dick then all the way down to the base where I grind until it hits my sweet spot. I like it when the guy grabs my hips and slaps my ass while Im riding his cock. And theres something really hot about being able to look into each others eyes as we cum.

a hot little body

You have got a hot little body, Jojo. We noticed that you have a thong tan line. "Yes. I like to wear thongs to the beach to show off my little butt. I figured I might as well show off my body while its still tight. And you might have also noticed that I do not really have tan lines around my boobs. That is because I like to go topless whenever I can. It feels good, and I love the looks I get." Your pussy is really nice too. Do you like to have it eaten? "Of course. My favorite kind of guy is one who will lick me for a good 20 minutes. I am also a fan of getting my ass eaten.

my clit is so big

Can you tell what her favorite position is? "This is what I do when I want a guy to fuck me from behind," Natalie said while bending over and showing us her starfish. "I spread my cheeks and look back at him with a horny look. Doggie is my favorite. My second favorite position is reverse cowgirl." The girl likes it from it behind! And it is a lovely behind, but we also want to see her front side. Her perky tits, pretty face and slender body keep cocks hard. And theres something else interesting about her frontside..that big clit! We didnt see it at first, but once she spread her legs for us that juicy button was sticking out, begging to be sucked. "My big clit definitely makes oral fun for me. I go nuts when a guy sucks on it." Do you have strong orgasms? "Because my clit is so big they can be pretty intense, especially if someone is eating me out. I also cum hard when I rub my clit while Im getting fucked.

lezzie starter pussy 69

Welcome back, Alaina. Can you explain to us what a starter pussy is? "It was a compliment this guy gave me recently. A starter pussy is well-groomed, pretty to look at, has little or no smell and tastes good. Its the kind of pussy you want when you first start fooling around because its nice and will leave you with a good impression of your first sexual experience. For example, I havent fooled around with any girls yet, but when I do Id want a girl with a starter pussy, someone with a nice, juicy peach between her legs. Then we could have a lezzie starter pussy 69 and drip our sweet juices all over each others faces! Sounds pretty hot, right?" Do you like to sit on faces? "Its my favorite. I like it when the guy sticks his tongue out and I ride it like a cock. Or Ill just drag my pussy all over his mouth and face. I like being in control of the motion." You mentioned that you had a way of telling how much a guy likes you. "Yes. Its by how much and how hard he cums

The good girl look

I have the good girl look going for me, but I was bad in school. I used to act up in class just to get attention from the hot teachers. I wanted them to give me detention so I could be alone with them. I wished they would spank me and stick their cocks in me. Maybe one day I can find a guy wholl be the teacher Ive always wanted: stern with a hard cock and unable to control himself around me

exciting and naughty

This is Olivias favorite outdoor place to get naked and fuck. "Not many people come to this part of the beach, so its safe for me to get naked here. Sometimes when a guy and I have nowhere to go, Ill bring him here so we can have sex. The water is very shallow so you can walk out for a long time before it even reaches your hips. Ive had sex while standing in the shallow water. The guy was fucking me from behind while squeezing my tits and sucking on my neck. I remember my pussy juice was dripping down my leg." Is it normally hard for you to find a place to have sex? "Yes because I still live at home with my parents, and so do most of the guys I know. Ive become more interested in older guys because they have their own apartments and are better in bed. Although it is quite fun to sneak into a guys room while his parents are asleep and have sex without waking anyone. Its exciting and naughty to be doing things you arent supposed to

I am an exhibitionist

Cali is a cutie from Dallas. Not everything is bigger in Texas, as evidenced by this sweet petite teen. This 18-year-old is fresh out of high school and loves going to Cowboys games and watching Netflix. She also has a healthy libido with daily masturbation, frequent sex and a love of ass play. How did you get so flexible, Cali? "I am a dancer. Its one of my favorite things to do. I also feel that its kept me in good shape, which allows me to wear the short-shorts, mini skirts and crop tops that I like. I am an exhibitionist so I like to show off a lot of skin." Have you ever had sex in public before? "I have several times. I love the thrill. I have had sex in parks all over my hometown, on the play-grounds there or hidden in the trees. I once had sex at the mall.

sexy Colombian chick

Shes flashin those flatties! When teen models come to our studio, we like to talk to them to get a sense for their personalities. One thing weve noticed while interviewing our smaller-chested girls is that theyve become increasingly confident about their A-cups. Take Kacis stance on her small boobs: "I used to get bummed out that there would be space in my bra even when it was the smallest A-cup I could find. But I got over it and embraced my tiny tits. Now I like to wear loose shirts with no bra and bend over so guys can look into my top and get a peek at my titties." We like your small breasts, and we also like your cute butthole and twat. "I like my butthole and pussy, too. And apparently so does the girl who waxes my bikini area. Shes this really sexy Colombian chick, and she was telling me how nice I was down there. Its pretty hot to hear that while your legs are spread in front of the person. We met up later on, and she showed me with her tongue just how nice she thought my pussy was